The Best Toddler Bed in The Market

It is the joy of every parent to watch their children grow inch by inch every day. The joys culminate on realization that most of their clothes do not fit them anymore, their cots have grown too small and they can easily climb off them without much help; that’s the best time for a wise parent to get a toddler bed.

The Best Toddler Bed in The Market

A toddler’s bed is the best piece of furniture for any toddler to own in their early days of life. It gives them a sense of maturity and allows them to see themselves all grown like the rest of the family who they look up to.
Getting your toddler a bed is a great step towards their next phase, it is a necessary expense that calls for special attention; by giving it the attention it deserves, both you and your child will be grateful for the peaceful nights of rest that will follow.

Which is the best toddler bed?

This question cannot be easily answered because of the wide variety of good, strong toddler travel beds in the market. With unlimited innovation today, great designs have flooded the market replacing the old, common antique that were commonly used to in the past. Today’s parent is lost for choice as designs range from:

• Aeroplane convertible beds
• Disney Pixar car
• Fire truck toddler bed
• Disney Minnie mouse
• Disney princess canopy bed

All these and more inventions are made to suit your toddler whether a boy or a girl. For a better choice, you can always take your toddlers with you as you shop for their beds to allow them choose something they like.

There is no best or poor type of a toddler bed all that matters is a strong toddler bed of your choice. Although most toddler beds today come with safety railing to prevent your child from falling off from his sleep, it is best to ensure they are properly screwed in position and are strong enough to ensure safety.

If your child turns a lot in their sleep ensure that you get one with temporary extended rails almost covering up the entire bed sides to keep them from rolling out. Remember to remove the rails when the child is awake to allow them freely climb off the bed. If the rails are kept on all the time, it will encourage the child to climb on them in trying to get off which may most likely cause a fall and injury. The toddler bed should also be low so that in case your child falls off, they would not injure themselves.

Ensure the rails are not widely spaced as the child can easily get stuck in between the rails causing injury. Besides the rails, other toddler beds come with permanent higher sides that work like rails allowing the child to get in and out easily. In case you don’t find rails that you like, you can always use this alternative.

And the Bedding?

With the bedding too, sheets, pillows and pillow cases now come in a variety of attractive themes and colors to choose from. However, these varieties should not blind us when it comes to picking the best, the toddler’s comfort should be your best interest in mind.

Always look for a fabric that is soft to the child’s skin, lightweight and hypoallergenic. Avoid the chemically treated sheets e.g. the chlorine, alkali and formaldehyde chemicals that prevent wrinkling and shrinking – these are harmful to children and may cause allergies and skin problems. With the green movement today, many are opting to use organic beddings that is soft on the baby’s skin and prevents fabric allergies and skin rashes.

You can choose fabric from a range of:

• 100% cotton – long fiber cotton does not lint or easily unravels
• Polyester
• Or a mixture of both

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Once you get the right fabric, you are now free to choose the brightest color combination for your child and one that you love too as the parent. Experiment with different shades of color for a final colorful product of your choice.

The full bedding set normally include the pillow cases, bed spread and top and bottom sheets. It may be cheaper to buy full sets rather than small bits here and there, this will help you save a lot and end up with the best.

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